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Anna's (excuse for a) Journal

all ye who read this be fools!

5 January
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Hey! Um... I'm Anna and now i have a live journal (obviously). Oh dear, i am very very bad at things like this. I got a bit over excited listing my interests (although strangly i am positive i forgot something i am really interested in! Also i had some more and the computer erased them!!)- it is mainly whiffle anyway- as will be most of my journal so if i were you- i wouldn't read it. Also if i were you i wouldn't have my live journal. Hmmmm. Anyway- don't expect any thing funny or clever or in anyway insightful. I am very unlikely to write how i feel on it because...then...um..people would know how i was feeling! Anyway- enough! I'm running late...bye!!!!!!!!!!!
activism, aldi multi-vitamin fruitjuice, aliteration, alternative therapies, angsting, anti-racism, anti-war, apostrophes, atheism, babbling, bad spelling, beckett, being a hairy feminist, being anna-like, being cold, being scared of emotion, bert jansch, blackadder, brecht, british comedy, burning things, buying poncy libertarian goods, cats, co-operatives, correct grammar, disorganisation, douglas adams, dried fruit, elastic bands, errata, euthymol toothpaste, evilness of clowns, existentialism, fairtrade, feeling bad, feminism, flute playing, folk music, fox-hunting (joke!), friendly argumentation, frolicking, gender non-specific snails, gerbils, gesticulation, getting over-excited, getting stressed, going on demos, guardian reading, harry potter, hating mushrooms, hatstands, having many spices, insanely long interest lists, irony, jollyness, laughing at sporty people, laughing at vain people, left-wing politics, lentils, leon rosselson, liberation issues, libertarian socialism, linguistics, malingering, moaning, monty python, moping, murdering innocent vegetables, not dancing, not growing-down, not growing-up, notes & queries, olbus oil, overanalysing, overdosing on lavender oil, overusing words, oyster mushrooms, pacifism, pasta, pear juice, pears, pentangle, pesto, picking at food, political badges, politics, poncy films, pondering, postcards, pretending to be working-class, pretension, pro-choice, procrastination, radio four, ranting, reading, recorder playing, religion, sarcasm, scowling at apathists, second-hand bookshops, shiny things, silliness, singing tunelessly, sleep, sleepiness, sleeping, sleeping bags, social constructionism, socialism, soya dessert, spinach, star trek, stripes, stubborness, sue townsend, sweetcorn, the generic she, the simpsons, the smell of books, the smiths, theatre, thinking aloud, tie-dying stuff, timberlake wertenbaker, time, tony benn, trade unionism, vegetarianism, wandering, wanting utopias, wasting time, wearing glasses, wearing odd socks, wondering, worrying, worrying about responsability, yayful happenings