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Anna says...finished!

Ah it is so so crap though! And 1, 714! oh well. i will edit it in the morning!

so so tired- just want to go home and go to sleep. Why is langwith so hot? And damn the lack of YUSU minibus in holidays!!

heheheeh! i won my game though! i have to get simone de beauvoir into every essay! and i did! yay!

Also- the other bit of my game- to end as cheesily as i can- was also achived. how is this for cheese?:

. Hopefully then, we would have a more egalitarian society, in which male and female would not be viewed as dichotomous groups to each other, and homogeneous in themselves, but recognise children as individuals.

it was was it always is- a poorly written feminist rant, with some references thrown in. and this time with a small parenting rant about gender stereotyping at the end! how odd!

anyway- must go home and sllleeeeeeeeeeeeep. night!
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