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Anna says... it is official!

I am a moron! A chat with Robbob has got it all cleared up:

Robbob: a=2 n=4 o=1 r=4 m=4?
Robbob: 2x4x4x2 = 64
Robbob: see?
Robbob: so anna = moron
Robbob: Q.E.D

I am glad to see his Maths degree is paying off!

I am in fact a moron. Sent this email..... "Heheh I hope you are james- otherwise I have just sent my essay to a random stranger. Just in case: *waves* hello random stranger hope you are well! Anna" to my friend James.... to the wrong address! HOW EMBARRASSING!
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hmm.... I however am undefined p==?? e==?? n==4 w==?? i==?? g==?? penwing == some multiple of 4 possibly (assuming all ??s are integers)

or a==2, l==?? e==?? x==? alex==???

/me cries
e = 4, l = 4, x = 8, p = 2, w = 2, i = 2, g = 2.

alex == penwing == moron == anna.


btw, b = 928.
hmmm.... so me and anna are the same person?? Scarey.

x x
lol. hehehe that's funny. you don't really expect things like that to really go to the wrong address, do you. hehehehe.
I think the recipient will be amused :)



December 3 2004, 15:36:35 UTC 13 years ago

"you misused an apostrophe.
i may never assosiate with you again
*goes of in a mardy*
*comes back* oooh a parscle came for you today- maybe it was the long-awaited ebay stuff from yore?
or maybe *somebody* forgot to change his delivery address on ebay?!"

is criminal misuse of an apostrophe worse than criminal mis-spelling of 'parcel'?
or maybe 'parscle' is a word that does exist, i have just never heard of it!

God! This isn't even me! But he say's what we've all been thinking!

Take that dirty neo prescriptivist's and comma-Nazi's!