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Anna says.....bah!

I am fed-up of being so continually tired!

Last night was a disaster. We had big techical problems and couldn't show the video- for the second time in a row! And this time we didn't have a speaker as well to save the day. They did all eat my crisps and biscuits that i provided though. 30 people turned up! i was so happy as i thought there would be about 3! But then everything went wrong. tried to get another room, and couldn't. Tried changing videos, phoning people, the JCRC Char etc etc could help. I was running about, but apperently Hugo was very smug. He probably came to try and ruin it anyway. I was really upset about it all. But it was not just the video. it was kind of the last thing on top of all the things upsetting me at the moment as i am feeling quite down. i am a camel. broken back etc etc. CAtherine was really nice though and i had myself mainly sorted out by the time the others caught up. I feel so terrible. 2 events in a row haven't cocked up when it hasn't been me being chair. people kept saying it wsn't my fault but i still feel responsable. you put all your energy into something and pfffft...

Might have an anti-racsim week next term though. But mehmeheh. *sigh* i just feel quite shite today now. not quite sure what to do with myself. probably some uni work would be a good idea- been running about to and from liberation week stuff and refugee meetings etc. Going to the LGB's video tonight. so will work before then. didn't go to Access' event on monday- feel slightly bad!

I also feel terrible as i told Shiv that i would get tickets for her to go to a play on sunday and felt weird and couldn't make myself leave the house and i now i have let her down. I texted her housemate who is involved with it and she said if i get the money to her she could get them for me tonight. But what if they are sold out?

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