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Anna's (excuse for a) Journal
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Monday, February 14th, 2005
8:45 am
Anna says.....i'm not bitter or anything..
...just came on to wish everyone a

Have a good time whatever you are doing. if you have a partner- i may not want to know the details.....

Look at the time- i'm on campus! Ain't i good?! I have to go and see a woman from the Woman's Studies Department about possiblity doing an MA next year, then work my arse off for the rest of the day (and year!) in a vain attempt to get a 2:1...

Editi: Just realised some smart-arsed git is bound to post and say that the canonization of St Valentine may have preceeded the creation of this particular multi-national company, but meeeh! that's what i say to you!
Hehehehe as i was writing this my friend Rowan sent me a card:

"when you care enough to send the very best". Hahahaha. Rowan loves me though! Yay! I'm sure her boyfriend is well jealous of my dancing cats.
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
11:01 pm
Anna says..... well bugger me with a barge pole
I ain't updaated f'month!

Oh well. I do have quite a lot to say. Probably none of it at all interesting to any one else. But i guess that hasn't stopped me int' past. But.... i shall restrain myself from such idle discourse. Maybe another day.

However, i will say one thing which brought me much myrth. teeehhee. hehe. I got an email from a (reasonably well-known as further research has informed me) journalist from the Mail on Sunday [1], in responce to my appeal i had put on the York Alumni website ( http://www.york.ac.uk/admin/dao/alumni/events.htm -see bottom). He told me all about his radical Marxist activities of the early 70s etc etc and i found an article about him on the web that says he once said to his lecturer "Sorry I'm late, i was starting the reveloution". Now he backs the death penalty and according to one site is a "moral Conservative". hahahahaha. My favourite bit of all, especially as he hadn't mentioned his Toryfication, and there was all this Trot-talk and his (then) views, especially about Trade Unionism and other revelutionary politics, at the bottom you get the disclaimer "The views expressed in the email may not reflect the opinions of the Mail on Sunday or associated newspapers". hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Well it amused me anyway........ Bonne Nuit tout la monde! Bed time! (boing!)

[1] for my non-British readers, or those with better things to do with their time than mock/be amused by newspapers, the Mail is a right-wing tabloid, with views that would be almost comedic if they were not possessed by real people!

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
2:17 am
Anna says...great
I am now old enough to:

-Drink in America and Korea
-Vote in Central African Republic
-Adopt a Child
-Stand for parliment

joy of joys!

So i am 21...going to take some getting used to!
Also- happy new year everyone!

Current Mood: weird
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
10:00 pm
Anna says.... hello!
I can't be bothered to do big Christmassy update but- HI! *waves* will do another time

i mainly want to say that NEXT WEEK I AM 21 BUT LAST YEAR I WAS 18!!! How weird is that?!

Also- Bebby! Merci bien for my present! It was very thoughtful! Haven't had a chance to listen to the CD yet (but sure it will be good and it impressed my gran!)started the Threepenny Novel (many yays!)- i can justify reading it as it kind of fits in with my course (and smells so good!) *ahem* and yay- we must make the Harry Potter Muffins together!

Went out with my friend Alex last night! hehehe *squeee* he gave me a Beckett play in French! Hehehe! It was one i had read too so i felt extra poncy and good owning it! he lives 1/2 a mile away from Sir Samual's grave and said he had gone to it to try and get some mud from it to rub on my book but it was shut! haha. I informed him it was a lovely thought nonetheless.

Anyway- can't be arsed to say anymore. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
12:52 am
Anna says...finished!
Ah it is so so crap though! And 1, 714! oh well. i will edit it in the morning!

so so tired- just want to go home and go to sleep. Why is langwith so hot? And damn the lack of YUSU minibus in holidays!!

heheheeh! i won my game though! i have to get simone de beauvoir into every essay! and i did! yay!

Also- the other bit of my game- to end as cheesily as i can- was also achived. how is this for cheese?:

. Hopefully then, we would have a more egalitarian society, in which male and female would not be viewed as dichotomous groups to each other, and homogeneous in themselves, but recognise children as individuals.

it was was it always is- a poorly written feminist rant, with some references thrown in. and this time with a small parenting rant about gender stereotyping at the end! how odd!

anyway- must go home and sllleeeeeeeeeeeeep. night!

Current Mood: drained
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
10:05 pm
Anna says....balls balls balls
i am missing "Teachers"! I was looking forward to it ALL WEEK! (alas, this is not an exageration, i really am that sad).
Poo-lumps on toast for tea with extra turd as a side dish!
And my essay is going spectacualy badly- 864 words and i haven't even got an argument yet!

Current Mood: annoyed
7:03 pm
Anna says.. fuck!
I said i would update at 7.
i daren't look:
329. i guess that is 1/4 of the way. i am so bored! i don't want to write this!
Heslington post office was shut when i got there so no news and crosswordy goodness for anna today.
going to try and finish it before 9.
it doesn't matter does it, procedual work?!

it's boiling in here!

Current Mood: hot
4:07 pm
Anna says....essay!
I am in my essay writing computer room in which i have spent many nights, but next to my usual computer as it is broken, so no wall to lean against!
Hopefully it won't take all night though as is a 1000-1500 word essay and i am going to use A LOT of quotes! Also- not assessed so i am not going to get too wound up. (hahaha-yeah right).

So far i have written the grand total of 0, thats, 0 words. But i have opened a word document which i decided warrented a visit to the vending machine as the sanitary towel wrapper told me to!
[honestly it did! it also informed me "you only have 400 periods in your life it just seems like a lot more" and "you have a better memory whilst on your period" which means that if you are "on the rag" (haha) whilst doing an exam you are either very fortunate or fucking unlucky. Anyway, instead of dismissing the irritating, smug remarks of my feminine hygene products, i have decided to adere when it comes up with little gems such as "you may find regular snacks will help your concentration and energy levels whilst you are having your period- so go on- treat yourself!". So i did.] btw don't you think tampons and towles should be provided by the state? they are so darned expensive! and condoms and the pill are free from certain places and periods are the result of using those, kind of, so they should concider the consequences of their population-controling actions! and also...just...because! They would if men menstruated!

Anway- that was a bit of an aside-rant. Back to essay. When i have written the intro i am allowed t' go t' Heslington t' look for a Grauniad (SU shop shut!). Or even go to...THE LIBRARY! Gasp!

Will update in a couple of hours and say what's what. (7 maybe)

[Also- Alex- how do i get Jabber on Trillian so i can talk to you?]
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
11:58 pm
Anna says...yuck!
i just got licked by a compsci! ( ax_deadparrot)
well something new happens every day!
 It wasn't disimular from being licked by a large dog
it was because i said it was my friend
It had just finished explaining how to tell my 3  identical black plugs apart. Apparently it is to do with the fallangers and i can't do it as i am a woman.
i really want to go to bed
so i shall
night night all!

Current Mood: sleepy
10:30 pm
Anna says...i am going mad!v
i have the number 295 written on my hand
i remember writing it distinctly
i have no idea why!

Current Mood: confused
11:43 am
Anna says.... good morning one and all

beelsebob  phoned and i didn't recognise his voice! twas emmbarrassed!
Had a dream that tom and I didn't put out our pillowcases for Father Christmas and he didn't come!
I felt disappointed but i also felt guilty that i hadn't helped Tom!

I was going to do a meme but i think i will wait until i am procrastinating whilst writing my essay.
eeep essay! eeep Christmas shopping! I WANT TO SLEEP!

Oooh Bebby- if you haven't been around alrwady- i haven't got your present sortefd yet (no wrapping paper etc) but so can i bring it tomorrow?
Don't worry- won't stay too late! Know you need to sleep and work!
My computer is irritating me!
</span> edit: forgot to mention: Rowan and i watched 'Donnie Darko' last night! What an odd odd film!

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
2:14 pm
Anna says....I'M IN BED!!!!
That's all i wanted to say really, as just discovered laptop is portable!
been watching "teachers" all day in bed.
"Teachers" scares me. Makes me want to be a teacher *shudder* aaah well it is bound to happen one day i need to accept it!
When moved laptop found deoterant had been seaerching for for a fortnight! Just when i had bought another and all! (just to make sure you know- i have been using deorterant for the past 2 weeks, but my emergancy one that makes me sweat and therefore negates the use of deoderant. i'm sure you wanted to know that!)
Anyway- i feel a bit better today, but Rowan says i am not allowed to do my essay until tomorrow. And i am scared of her. But feeling guilty for not working!! But i guess if i work sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaymorning it shou
ld be ok?

oooh here is a totally embarrassing thing that happened o me the ther week i forgot to tell you about:

*Anna receives email from college porter to say she has large letter at college address*

Anna and Mary go to Halifax Colege (halls/dorms/whatever) to collect it.

Anna: hello you have a letter for me?
Porter: yes
ticks Anna's name off list and goes into office
emerges, hands parcle to Anna whilst giving her a very strange look

Porter: sign here please whilst still looking sideways
Anna: ok signs i wonder what it can be
turns letter over so that the large, unmissbale words "BIG SEX PICTURE INSIDE" are displayed
Anna: ....eeerrrrrmmm
Porter and Mary look at Anna
Anna: well....
Anna suddenly remebers going to a talk about sex education in the US and how terrible it is and expoitive to women, and nsafe, and spreading STDs by their studpid STUPID abstineance only tecnique which is stupid STUPID! and then signing up to their activist mailing list
Anna: It's not porn!
realises this makes it look like porn
Anna: no it really isn't porn!
porter looks unconvinced and goes back into his office
Anna: honestly!
Anna then proceedes to tell Mary in very load voice about the real contents of the package, bt gives up.

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, December 17th, 2004
5:15 pm
Anna says... cough cough sneeze etc
I am ill! Bah!!! I slept from about 10:30pm yesterday til 1:30pm today (with about 3 hours in the middle in the small hours of the morning when i was feeling too ill to sleep) but i still feel ill. Thought sleep was a cure all....

...spent the day malingering in bed- reading and sleeping and listening to the radio and watching TV. I hardly ever get ill.

Oh- i got an extention for my essay though- now due in on the 22nd instead! phew... i hope i get it done- still worried that i won't.

need to squee about having lovely lovely friends:
-when i was feeling lonely at 3am i texted Myf as it was her daytime and she texted back and it cheered me up alot! thank you *hugs*

- I got a Christmas card from Bee today which made me really happy!!! It was so so sweet! *squish*

-Rowan came round and brought me a DVD to watch (Teachers! one of my favourite programmes!) and weas really thoughtful and brought me a drink and some pears and some throat sweets too. Ah!

-Mary and CAtherine and Shiv all texted me too. How lovely!

My head hurts so i think i might go back to bed and feel sorry for myself.

Current Mood: sick
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
9:02 am
Anna says...squeeeeeeeee
squeeeeee! wooo! and yay!!!
I got a Christmas card from Myffy!!!!!
i will remember to send my cards today. I will I WILL!
But i am ill. Bah. I hate admitting it, but i am.

Current Mood: loved
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
3:34 pm
Anna says...Oh Yes!!!
Oooh just a quick update to say how incredably gleeful i am that Nick_Griffin_was_arrested!!!!Collapse )

hahahaha oooh it made my day it did! Although what amuses me- all this "The BNP is racist?!" "What? Never!" What a shock! When saying the BNP is racist is like saying that "That bloke in the dress, The Pope, he liked Jesus a wee bit didn't he?" AAh the mirth! The other BNP highly amusing thing from the other day was that the BNP hired a Black DJ for their Christmas party! Ha ha! Some people apparently walked out in protest! Apparetnnly the bloke "didn't sound black on the phone"! Teehaeee ha! I feel sorry for the bloke thought- he didn't know what he was DJing at! Who bets "Panic" by the Smiths was not played?
Also- York Vision (one of the campus newspapers) had an article in it about anti-racism. It said that is was great that York Stundent Unity
held a video showing in Liberation Week! Hahaha to them! (actuallly thanks to them!). They obviously didn't go to the film and see it got cocked up so gave it a good report! Many yays!

I am going to make a short list of things i meant to say before i forget. But i will forget, then update another time.

1) I am in the library doing my essay after spending the morning malingering (i have a cough and ache!). Bah! (well not actually doing it at the moment as i am updating LJ)but grr! Due in on Monday so must get going. Got 6, 000 words to write over Christmas though- bah- although *jumps up and down* yayay! I get to do it on the politics of theatre and theatre for socail change! I thought all the essay titles he gave us looked really dull i.e. blah blah say why you want to be a drama teacher blah- which i don't. so ha! But *bounces* i meet with the head of department on thurs and negosiate one of my own. woo! Although some bastad requested my Boal book- GIMNWAD! so i just bought one from Amazon. woo!

2) Eeeep! Just relised that i am not in a lecture about essay skills! Oh well- she is really dull. Last week my friend Sherine (i love Sherine!)and i were so bored that we spent the lecture reverting to Year 8 and writing each other notes and laughing. We started writin in Smiths lyrics (she advised me to "throw your home work on the fire" and i informed her that "sometimes I'd feel more fulfilled
Making Christmas cards with the mentally ill"). yes. My lecturer is evil though- 10 itmes for a 1000 word essay! 40 for a 4000 word essay! the madnessssss!!!! I think i may put "Gender exists" then put about 7 references and then rad 3 books. (am confused- is a book published in 2005 on the library catolgue)

3) Had a very vivid dream about Katie (soupytwist) last night *waves* miss you! hope all is well!

4)Catherine is reading a book from her course with the blurb on the back "Anna is a 20-year-old student with pervrse sexual interests involving old men and ventrilaquists dummies". Hmmmph!

5) Catherine and i went shopping in Leeds yesterday! Wow! (not sarcastic- shopping is hell and in york it is double plus ungood becasue every shop in the city is packed into 2 very narrow streets, which when the whope population of decide to go Christmas shopping at the same time involves muchos being crushed!). THink i will go in about 9am tomorrow morning. It was SO tiring! Also- I BOUGHT A SKIRT!!! I hardly ever wear a skirt! it was only £10 from H&M. the shop was shutting so i panicked and bought it. I normally dither for about a fortnight before buying anything. The day also wasn't quite as girly as it seemed it might be- shopping, having lunch, talkinfg about my 21st (eeep!). But we decided we may have another day and pretend to be girly then instead. Also the trains were ok! They were not when i was coming back from Leicester on Sunday. Fucking Commies and their fucking strickes! *waves fists* ahem /irony. But i secretly love it when train journies go wrong! does anyone else?! especially when they are scared that you will sue and give you loads of free stuff :-)

6) I had something else to say. .... oh well. I must go and write my essay. actually go and have a wee THEN write my essay.....


p.s. 7) who would spend £65 on a pepper mill?!

p.p.s 8) Bee texted me! I must remember to post her thingy.

Current Mood: need a wee
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
12:08 pm
Anna says... it is official!
I am a moron! A chat with Robbob has got it all cleared up:

Robbob: a=2 n=4 o=1 r=4 m=4?
Robbob: 2x4x4x2 = 64
Robbob: see?
Robbob: so anna = moron
Robbob: Q.E.D

I am glad to see his Maths degree is paying off!

I am in fact a moron. Sent this email..... Essay-of-PooooCollapse ) to my friend James.... to the wrong address! HOW EMBARRASSING!

Current Mood: idiotic
10:59 am
Anna says......i am so immature
i was going to have a self-pitying rant about feeling crap but i can't really be arsed. INstead i will say- hahahahaha! I just heard someone say "maths debate" and i thought they said something else! hehehehehehehe!

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I just send out an email to about 60-70 people with an APOSTROPHE MISTAKE IN IT! What shall i do?! heeeelp!

Also- plucking up courage to do auditions- mmmmmm..... absurd mmmmmm..... beckett mmmmmm.... other exciting looking pieces of theatre, but especially mmmmm... beckett.

Got on to BSL course!

Current Mood: weird
Friday, November 26th, 2004
2:15 pm
Anna says.....bah!
I am fed-up of being so continually tired!

Last night was a disaster. We had big techical problems and couldn't show the video- for the second time in a row! And this time we didn't have a speaker as well to save the day. They did all eat my crisps and biscuits that i provided though. 30 people turned up! i was so happy as i thought there would be about 3! But then everything went wrong. tried to get another room, and couldn't. Tried changing videos, phoning people, the JCRC Char etc etc could help. I was running about, but apperently Hugo was very smug. He probably came to try and ruin it anyway. I was really upset about it all. But it was not just the video. it was kind of the last thing on top of all the things upsetting me at the moment as i am feeling quite down. i am a camel. broken back etc etc. CAtherine was really nice though and i had myself mainly sorted out by the time the others caught up. I feel so terrible. 2 events in a row haven't cocked up when it hasn't been me being chair. people kept saying it wsn't my fault but i still feel responsable. you put all your energy into something and pfffft...

Might have an anti-racsim week next term though. But mehmeheh. *sigh* i just feel quite shite today now. not quite sure what to do with myself. probably some uni work would be a good idea- been running about to and from liberation week stuff and refugee meetings etc. Going to the LGB's video tonight. so will work before then. didn't go to Access' event on monday- feel slightly bad!

I also feel terrible as i told Shiv that i would get tickets for her to go to a play on sunday and felt weird and couldn't make myself leave the house and i now i have let her down. I texted her housemate who is involved with it and she said if i get the money to her she could get them for me tonight. But what if they are sold out?


Current Mood: melancholy
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
11:59 pm
Anna says... fuckarsesjhir
weel that was a bit of a fuck up
tried to drink enough so i didn't care
only p[artically worked.
am pissed off
but slightluy tipsrty

bnot! ha

i cried. oh dear. will explain t'pther time.

getting bus home soon.

Current Mood: annoyed
11:19 am
Anna says...does anyone have a time traveling devise?
I have an 11:15 and i still have to go to Jacksons!
Who thinks i will make it!?!?!

Current Mood: rushed
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