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Anna says..... well bugger me with a barge pole

I ain't updaated f'month!

Oh well. I do have quite a lot to say. Probably none of it at all interesting to any one else. But i guess that hasn't stopped me int' past. But.... i shall restrain myself from such idle discourse. Maybe another day.

However, i will say one thing which brought me much myrth. teeehhee. hehe. I got an email from a (reasonably well-known as further research has informed me) journalist from the Mail on Sunday [1], in responce to my appeal i had put on the York Alumni website ( -see bottom). He told me all about his radical Marxist activities of the early 70s etc etc and i found an article about him on the web that says he once said to his lecturer "Sorry I'm late, i was starting the reveloution". Now he backs the death penalty and according to one site is a "moral Conservative". hahahahaha. My favourite bit of all, especially as he hadn't mentioned his Toryfication, and there was all this Trot-talk and his (then) views, especially about Trade Unionism and other revelutionary politics, at the bottom you get the disclaimer "The views expressed in the email may not reflect the opinions of the Mail on Sunday or associated newspapers". hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Well it amused me anyway........ Bonne Nuit tout la monde! Bed time! (boing!)

[1] for my non-British readers, or those with better things to do with their time than mock/be amused by newspapers, the Mail is a right-wing tabloid, with views that would be almost comedic if they were not possessed by real people!
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