Anna (anna_thebabbler) wrote,

Anna says.... hello!

I can't be bothered to do big Christmassy update but- HI! *waves* will do another time

i mainly want to say that NEXT WEEK I AM 21 BUT LAST YEAR I WAS 18!!! How weird is that?!

Also- Bebby! Merci bien for my present! It was very thoughtful! Haven't had a chance to listen to the CD yet (but sure it will be good and it impressed my gran!)started the Threepenny Novel (many yays!)- i can justify reading it as it kind of fits in with my course (and smells so good!) *ahem* and yay- we must make the Harry Potter Muffins together!

Went out with my friend Alex last night! hehehe *squeee* he gave me a Beckett play in French! Hehehe! It was one i had read too so i felt extra poncy and good owning it! he lives 1/2 a mile away from Sir Samual's grave and said he had gone to it to try and get some mud from it to rub on my book but it was shut! haha. I informed him it was a lovely thought nonetheless.

Anyway- can't be arsed to say anymore. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee
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