Anna (anna_thebabbler) wrote,

Anna says....essay!

I am in my essay writing computer room in which i have spent many nights, but next to my usual computer as it is broken, so no wall to lean against!
Hopefully it won't take all night though as is a 1000-1500 word essay and i am going to use A LOT of quotes! Also- not assessed so i am not going to get too wound up. (hahaha-yeah right).

So far i have written the grand total of 0, thats, 0 words. But i have opened a word document which i decided warrented a visit to the vending machine as the sanitary towel wrapper told me to!
[honestly it did! it also informed me "you only have 400 periods in your life it just seems like a lot more" and "you have a better memory whilst on your period" which means that if you are "on the rag" (haha) whilst doing an exam you are either very fortunate or fucking unlucky. Anyway, instead of dismissing the irritating, smug remarks of my feminine hygene products, i have decided to adere when it comes up with little gems such as "you may find regular snacks will help your concentration and energy levels whilst you are having your period- so go on- treat yourself!". So i did.] btw don't you think tampons and towles should be provided by the state? they are so darned expensive! and condoms and the pill are free from certain places and periods are the result of using those, kind of, so they should concider the consequences of their population-controling actions! and also...just...because! They would if men menstruated!

Anway- that was a bit of an aside-rant. Back to essay. When i have written the intro i am allowed t' go t' Heslington t' look for a Grauniad (SU shop shut!). Or even go to...THE LIBRARY! Gasp!

Will update in a couple of hours and say what's what. (7 maybe)

[Also- Alex- how do i get Jabber on Trillian so i can talk to you?]
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