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Anna says.... good morning one and all

beelsebob  phoned and i didn't recognise his voice! twas emmbarrassed!
Had a dream that tom and I didn't put out our pillowcases for Father Christmas and he didn't come!
I felt disappointed but i also felt guilty that i hadn't helped Tom!

I was going to do a meme but i think i will wait until i am procrastinating whilst writing my essay.
eeep essay! eeep Christmas shopping! I WANT TO SLEEP!

Oooh Bebby- if you haven't been around alrwady- i haven't got your present sortefd yet (no wrapping paper etc) but so can i bring it tomorrow?
Don't worry- won't stay too late! Know you need to sleep and work!
My computer is irritating me!
</span> edit: forgot to mention: Rowan and i watched 'Donnie Darko' last night! What an odd odd film!
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