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Anna says....I'M IN BED!!!!

That's all i wanted to say really, as just discovered laptop is portable!
been watching "teachers" all day in bed.
"Teachers" scares me. Makes me want to be a teacher *shudder* aaah well it is bound to happen one day i need to accept it!
When moved laptop found deoterant had been seaerching for for a fortnight! Just when i had bought another and all! (just to make sure you know- i have been using deorterant for the past 2 weeks, but my emergancy one that makes me sweat and therefore negates the use of deoderant. i'm sure you wanted to know that!)
Anyway- i feel a bit better today, but Rowan says i am not allowed to do my essay until tomorrow. And i am scared of her. But feeling guilty for not working!! But i guess if i work sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaymorning it shou
ld be ok?

oooh here is a totally embarrassing thing that happened o me the ther week i forgot to tell you about:

*Anna receives email from college porter to say she has large letter at college address*

Anna and Mary go to Halifax Colege (halls/dorms/whatever) to collect it.

Anna: hello you have a letter for me?
Porter: yes
ticks Anna's name off list and goes into office
emerges, hands parcle to Anna whilst giving her a very strange look

Porter: sign here please whilst still looking sideways
Anna: ok signs i wonder what it can be
turns letter over so that the large, unmissbale words "BIG SEX PICTURE INSIDE" are displayed
Anna: ....eeerrrrrmmm
Porter and Mary look at Anna
Anna: well....
Anna suddenly remebers going to a talk about sex education in the US and how terrible it is and expoitive to women, and nsafe, and spreading STDs by their studpid STUPID abstineance only tecnique which is stupid STUPID! and then signing up to their activist mailing list
Anna: It's not porn!
realises this makes it look like porn
Anna: no it really isn't porn!
porter looks unconvinced and goes back into his office
Anna: honestly!
Anna then proceedes to tell Mary in very load voice about the real contents of the package, bt gives up.
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