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Anna says... cough cough sneeze etc

I am ill! Bah!!! I slept from about 10:30pm yesterday til 1:30pm today (with about 3 hours in the middle in the small hours of the morning when i was feeling too ill to sleep) but i still feel ill. Thought sleep was a cure all....

...spent the day malingering in bed- reading and sleeping and listening to the radio and watching TV. I hardly ever get ill.

Oh- i got an extention for my essay though- now due in on the 22nd instead! phew... i hope i get it done- still worried that i won't.

need to squee about having lovely lovely friends:
-when i was feeling lonely at 3am i texted Myf as it was her daytime and she texted back and it cheered me up alot! thank you *hugs*

- I got a Christmas card from Bee today which made me really happy!!! It was so so sweet! *squish*

-Rowan came round and brought me a DVD to watch (Teachers! one of my favourite programmes!) and weas really thoughtful and brought me a drink and some pears and some throat sweets too. Ah!

-Mary and CAtherine and Shiv all texted me too. How lovely!

My head hurts so i think i might go back to bed and feel sorry for myself.
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