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Anna says...Oh Yes!!!

Oooh just a quick update to say how incredably gleeful i am that The leader of the British National Party has been arrested as part of a police inquiry following the screening of a BBC documentary.

A party spokesman said Nick Griffin was arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed they had arrested a 45-year-old man from outside their area.

BNP founding chairman John Tyndall was arrested on Sunday on the same charge.
Criminal damage

In July, the BBC documentary Secret Agent featured covertly-filmed footage of BNP activists.

Mr Griffin is the twelfth man to be arrested following the documentary.

Nine men from West Yorkshire and another man from Leicester have been arrested and freed on bail.

Seven of the men had been held variously in connection with suspected racially aggravated public order offences, conspiracy to commit
criminal damage and possession of a firearm.

Two men, both from Keighley, were arrested in September on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

A 24-year-old man from Leicester was detained on Monday on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred.

A BNP spokesperson said Mr Tyndall, from Brighton, was arrested following a speech he made in Burnley, Lancashire, and was released on police bail.

hahahaha oooh it made my day it did! Although what amuses me- all this "The BNP is racist?!" "What? Never!" What a shock! When saying the BNP is racist is like saying that "That bloke in the dress, The Pope, he liked Jesus a wee bit didn't he?" AAh the mirth! The other BNP highly amusing thing from the other day was that the BNP hired a Black DJ for their Christmas party! Ha ha! Some people apparently walked out in protest! Apparetnnly the bloke "didn't sound black on the phone"! Teehaeee ha! I feel sorry for the bloke thought- he didn't know what he was DJing at! Who bets "Panic" by the Smiths was not played?
Also- York Vision (one of the campus newspapers) had an article in it about anti-racism. It said that is was great that York Stundent Unity
held a video showing in Liberation Week! Hahaha to them! (actuallly thanks to them!). They obviously didn't go to the film and see it got cocked up so gave it a good report! Many yays!

I am going to make a short list of things i meant to say before i forget. But i will forget, then update another time.

1) I am in the library doing my essay after spending the morning malingering (i have a cough and ache!). Bah! (well not actually doing it at the moment as i am updating LJ)but grr! Due in on Monday so must get going. Got 6, 000 words to write over Christmas though- bah- although *jumps up and down* yayay! I get to do it on the politics of theatre and theatre for socail change! I thought all the essay titles he gave us looked really dull i.e. blah blah say why you want to be a drama teacher blah- which i don't. so ha! But *bounces* i meet with the head of department on thurs and negosiate one of my own. woo! Although some bastad requested my Boal book- GIMNWAD! so i just bought one from Amazon. woo!

2) Eeeep! Just relised that i am not in a lecture about essay skills! Oh well- she is really dull. Last week my friend Sherine (i love Sherine!)and i were so bored that we spent the lecture reverting to Year 8 and writing each other notes and laughing. We started writin in Smiths lyrics (she advised me to "throw your home work on the fire" and i informed her that "sometimes I'd feel more fulfilled
Making Christmas cards with the mentally ill"). yes. My lecturer is evil though- 10 itmes for a 1000 word essay! 40 for a 4000 word essay! the madnessssss!!!! I think i may put "Gender exists" then put about 7 references and then rad 3 books. (am confused- is a book published in 2005 on the library catolgue)

3) Had a very vivid dream about Katie (soupytwist) last night *waves* miss you! hope all is well!

4)Catherine is reading a book from her course with the blurb on the back "Anna is a 20-year-old student with pervrse sexual interests involving old men and ventrilaquists dummies". Hmmmph!

5) Catherine and i went shopping in Leeds yesterday! Wow! (not sarcastic- shopping is hell and in york it is double plus ungood becasue every shop in the city is packed into 2 very narrow streets, which when the whope population of decide to go Christmas shopping at the same time involves muchos being crushed!). THink i will go in about 9am tomorrow morning. It was SO tiring! Also- I BOUGHT A SKIRT!!! I hardly ever wear a skirt! it was only £10 from H&M. the shop was shutting so i panicked and bought it. I normally dither for about a fortnight before buying anything. The day also wasn't quite as girly as it seemed it might be- shopping, having lunch, talkinfg about my 21st (eeep!). But we decided we may have another day and pretend to be girly then instead. Also the trains were ok! They were not when i was coming back from Leicester on Sunday. Fucking Commies and their fucking strickes! *waves fists* ahem /irony. But i secretly love it when train journies go wrong! does anyone else?! especially when they are scared that you will sue and give you loads of free stuff :-)

6) I had something else to say. .... oh well. I must go and write my essay. actually go and have a wee THEN write my essay.....


p.s. 7) who would spend £65 on a pepper mill?!

p.p.s 8) Bee texted me! I must remember to post her thingy.
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